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Write of Proposal

Client is one of the largest fast moving consumer goods company, with leadership in Home & Personal Care Products and Foods & Beverages.


Client has various production units all over India. Proposals about the raw material in these production units require approval of higher authorities present at different levels. A mechanism was required to keep track of the submitted proposal requests and their status


  • Role based access to different users in the Proposal System.
  • System maintains secured workflow for managing the life cycle of a Proposal request.
  • User can submit the trial request, refer Proposal request submitted by other users of the same Unit, profit center.
  • User has to raise Proposal in advance by predicting future raw material status and this advance proposal will be used for raising proposal at later stage


  • Complete view to management about each and every proposal request being carried out
  • Serves as a knowledge repository for users prior carrying a new proposal request and hence saving upon their time.
  • Various authorities of responsible profit centres and categories are well aware and in control of cost spent by their departments on raw materials.
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