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BuildSharepoint Workflow Framework

The below is one sample workflow framework about implementation of Workflows from technical prospective.

Presentation Layer:PL
Webservice Client:WSCL
Business Layer:BL
Data Access Layer:DA

Here rest of the steps will be followed as per our above layers/ architecture except steps no. 4 and 5. Basically xml files are used to define the steps/ actions to be done for the process. For every process there will be a separate xml file with the name of process.

  • PL passes process name and action to the business layer through WSCL & WS.
  • BL will be having separate class files for each of the processes. A common routine in the BL reads the process name and identify the XML file.
  • Another common routine parses the XML file and returns the content of the XML file to the respective Process-Class file.
  • The class file contains all the methods/ logic about the process flow. By using the XML contents method(s) in the class file defines the actions and passes to the DA.
  • Methods in the DA will perform the actions passed by BL and communicate/ update the DB.
  • DA returns the result to PL through the layers.
  • Once the process gets initiated the PL will be controlled by XML and flow goes ahead till the XML reaches to the step of end point.


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