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BuildSharePoint Database Management Framework

BuildSharePoint has design a custom framework. The objective is to create a structure which is highly maintainable and scales across hundreds of application which Etisalat would like to put in the framework.

The core objective of the framework is to create and shift a large part of the business logic into simple XML files.

Basic Flow of the Framework

The Application first looks at the page specific page and picks up any custom controls on the page. It then merges that with all the standard controls from the relevant XML file and builds the complete GUI.

The relevant queries are picked up from the XML file and fired against the Data Access Layer. The controls are populated and bound as required. Any custom logic is written in the code behind pages.

The Data Access Layer provides standard queries to fire queries for record set or create/update/delete queries. The DAL is accessed using Web Services

Submitting a Page

  • Forms or client events are submitted to the server as the normal flow – i.e. postback.
  • The Application goes through the normal render flow as detailed above till it hits the event.
  • The Application loads any relevant queries which have to be fired for the event.
  • The Application fires the queries after updating the query with the relevant content.
  • The Application then fires any other actions like rebinding the grid.
  • The application then renders the page to the client

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